Victoria Warehouse Films presents Willoughby Franks, produced by Inglenook Productions.

Written by Magnus McCullagh & Charlie Brafman.


A disillusioned hit-man, Willoughby Franks, is forced to take his estranged daughter Tilly on a road trip, under instruction to assassinate an accountant for stealing money from his ruthless mob boss. Despite the job ahead, and with Willoughby’s merciless profession being kept secret from Tilly, the road trip offers Willoughby the rare but much needed opportunity to rebuild his fractured relationship with his daughter. But when he finally gets his hands on the hit, there’s a nasty surprise that sets the fuse alight on a countdown to all out chaos and destruction.


At its heart Willoughby Franks is an inter-personal story about a father’s attempt to rebuild the relationship with his teenage daughter. By combining Willoughby’s inherent traits as a dysfunctional father and professional killer, the film treads the line between crime and dark comedy with wit and edge, in a concoction befitting of the modern age in terms of both storytelling and film nuance.


Falling firmly into the crime/dark comedy genre, Willoughby Franks is aimed at those who are not only fans of British gangster comedy, but those who enjoy an indie twist on Hollywood themes. Willoughby Franks is set to have an authentic and secure place in the filmgoer’s calendar for certain!


Planning to break from the norm of film production, Willoughby Franks will be utilising innovative methods to nurture the very best of the next generation and create a lasting legacy. By working with exciting up-and-coming filmmakers, actors from regional conservatoires, and non-traditional forms of talent sourced from the local community, we want our process to be both collaborative and pioneering. With this approach, we are striving for Willoughby Franks to be a unique production, not only from the perspectives of narrative, tone and casting, but as a production that continues to push the boundaries of low budget filmmaking.


John Montegrande & Hannah North





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