10.00 - 18.00 full day

1 hour break

In this full day course you will be in a small group of just four actors. Kicking off the day will be an introduction from Inglenook's  John to the audition process, with what drama schools are looking for and exactly what to expect. This will be followed by a two-hour intensive technical workshop providing physical and vocal techniques. After lunch, work on individual audition speeches will begin, with each actor getting one hours’ work with two chosen speeches. The remaining actors will remain in the room to observe, learn and contribute where appropriate. Observational work reflects drama school style of learning and is an invaluable learning tool. The final performances for each actor will be filmed and uploaded privately for Vimeo for your own private reflective learning, or to kickstart your showreel.






10.00 - 13.00 half day

15 minute break

In this workshop you will have nearly three hours of intensive one-to-one training from one of Inglenook's experienced tutors, John, giving you that little extra preparation you may need for your audition to drama school. Including an introduction to the audition process and an overview of how everything works, you will be able to rehearse two audition speeches of your choice. We will film your final rehearsals and upload them as a private link to Vimeo for your own reflective learning and as a refresher before your big day.






10.00 - 18.00

every day for five days

This is the mother of all acting workshops. Taking place over five days, you will be immersed in intensive actor training, covering everything from audition preparation to advanced acting techniques with Inglenook's John. This one isn’t for the faint-hearted.



" Having trained as an actor himself, John Montegrande has an insightful knowledge of the actor's process. This is invaluable when being directed by him. When I worked with John it was clear that his time spent as an actor had influenced his directing style. Collaborative, open, rigorous and with a deep understanding of the actor's process. Working with John is a pleasure because he understands how actors work and gets the best out of them effortlessly. "

'Girl with the Gifts'

Channel 4's 'Cucumber'

'The Vote', Donmar Warehouse

" Will and John are both perfectionists, they’d work day and night if needs be to get the best out of an actor.  They don’t just offer traditional direction, but also exercises and techniques that work the body, emotions and intellect.  Every note they give is tailor-made to each actor, a specific character, in a particular moment. "


ITV's 'Cilla'


" John has directed me a number of times and he is fantastic at his job. As a trained actor he understands what actors need and accommodates each individual actor's process. He knows how to nurture and encourage the best work out of you and his talent and vision speak for themselves. He is consistently full of ideas, energy and passion and this makes him a joy to work with. Each day on set or in a rehearsal room with John is exciting.


"Will is a fantastic director to work with. His natural, calm energy immediately make you feel at ease. His ideas and vision are inspiring, I felt constantly at ease in Will's presence and he brings a great sense of knowledge and humour to his work. Will is also extremely hard working and will do whatever it takes to create the best piece of work possible."



BA (Hons) Acting (Collaborative & Devised Theatre) Graduate

Voices Pro

" I was directed by Inglenook's William Forster in Harold Pinter’s One for the Road during my first year at drama school. As a young actor I often felt inhibited, particularly in the rehearsal room, but the part was brutal and complex and required presence. Working with Will gave me the confidence to attack the part, make it my own and that sense of self-assurance is something I still carry with me to this day. I graduated several years ago and am still working in the industry, but I never forget the skills he helped me develop. In short, he gifted me with the ability to be courageous and fearless when approaching my work. "

'Birdsong' UK Tour 2015

John Mahoney Management

" When I was first introduced to John and Will, I had just finished my first year at college and I auditioned for the British Youth Film Academy. I was always hesitant when approaching a new director or practitioner, but John and Will gave me the confidence to work freely in the space.  I feel this confidence pushed me towards pursuing an acting career and I am currently on my first tour, fresh out of drama school. John and Will are fantastic young directors who will give you the creative freedom to explore characters, speeches, movement and more. I really do recommend them. "

Manchester School of Theatre BA (Hons) Acting Graduate

Payne Management

" William is an industry gem - an incredibly insightful and knowledgeable director. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with, as from start to finish you know you are in safe hands and the work that you produce is going to be pretty spectacular. Working with Will is a completely collaborative and inclusive process – he’s an expert at bringing out your best performance and always knows the right technique or exercise to get to the truth of a scenario or character, he’s incredibly patient and really works with you to problem solve and crack a character or scene.  I love working with Will because it’s a real journey, and it’s a journey you take together as cast and crew."

Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance

BA (Hons) European Theatre Arts Graduate

" Working with both John Montegrande and William Forster has helped me unearth my true potential, using ensemble work and intense one to one tuition, working on battling nerves, encouraging me to test my limits and overcoming the fear of failure. Failure is part of the journey to be one the artist you want to be. "

Professional Actor

" Inglenook's William Forster and John Montegrande are pioneers of the brave, bold performance. At the heart of their work is the joy of play, where your own creativity and dreams as the actor are encouraged. Any time spent with them - be it an hour, a week, a month - is invaluable; a time to find out exactly what you can bring when the floodgates are opened. "

RCSSD BA (Hons) Acting Graduate

Sharkey & Trigg Ltd







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